Q and A with Dr. Shirin Haque, Astronomer

Tell us about yourself (short bio)?

I was born in India but grew up in Trinidad. I never went to school or spoke English till age 7. It was always the sciences for me, at school and university. I did my BSc, Mphil and PhD split site with University of Virginia. Then fulfilled an earlier passion and completed an MPhil in Psychology at UWI. Astronomy was always a passion as far back as I can remember to age 5. I enjoy quilting and embroidering and cooking and learning and reading voraciously, and now doing online courses.

Tell us about being chosen, 2020 Laureate, Caribbean Award for Excellence in Science and Technology?

No one embarks in a career with a mission to win awards. You do what you love and thus it is very humbling and overwhelming when such an award such as the ANSA Caribbean Awards is conferred, especially with a focus in Astronomy. It has motivated me more than ever to continue to push for science and technology in our beautiful part of the world. It creates an opportunity …

Listing of Ride Sharing Apps in Trinidad and Tobago

The following is a listing of ride sharing apps in Trinidad and Tobago that I am aware of as of 9 DEC 2019. This is a work in progress. If you know of others please leave comments.



bmobile 5G Launch in Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT and Huawei)


Today bmobile launched their 5G proof of concept. 5G is the fifth-generation of mobile internet connectivity and promises speed, coverage and stability

I got a media invite to attend the launch and demo. The invite stated that "TSTT, in collaboration with its strategic partner, Huawei Technologies (T&T) Limited, will be ushering Trinidad and Tobago into the future, with the Launch of its 5G Proof of Concept—a ground-breaking event that is poised to change the way we live and work."

The invite email went on to list some advantages of 5G.

This launch came as no surprise as we in the tech space have seen the headlines from the past year. The conversation has already started online, like these comments on twitter.

"It's time for Trinidad to get 5G mobile data already... we are lagging so far behind."

"5G speeds look absolutely amazing and it saddens me that Trinidad will probably take like 5+ years to get even close to that techn…

Experiment - Ranking of Programming Languages by Speed


SLIDE 01 - An experiment designed for fun, discussion and learning. How these languages compare given a particular task.

SLIDE 02 - Did not set out to optimize any of the code.

SLIDE 03 - I chose the 10 most popular languages in my mind.

SLIDE 04 - This is the task that each language was being judged on.

SLIDE 05 - These are the specs of my 3 year old budget laptop.

SLIDE 06 - Link to code on Github in description. I used the powershell command line to run all code and VS Code as the editor. No IDE was used. [ ]

SLIDE 07 - Keep in mind that there are differences and advantages and disadvantages between compiler and interpreter.

SLIDE 08 - Also note, a language can be implemented using another language e.g. Perl is implemented using C. A language is different from implementation and can have different implementations.

SLIDE 09 - Here are the results. Some of it surprising and some is NOT. What would you do differe…

Q and A with Future Guyana

What is Future Guyana?

Future Guyana is a community initiative designed to foster the development of tech entrepreneurs, create job opportunities for individuals within the tech field and move Guyana in an overall digital direction.

Why the name Future Guyana?

We chose this name as it represents our youths who are our future and will continue to build out sustainable solutions for the country of Guyana.

What definition of innovation do you use?

Our definition of Innovation is to create new and scalable solutions to solve inefficiency within our country that will go on to provide opportunities for individuals within its ecosystem.

Why is there a need to focus on tech entrepreneurs?

With technology moving at a rapid pace, it is crucial that our nation focuses on incorporating technological solutions in its every day processes. Our tech entrepreneurs bring these ideas and innovative solutions. Focusing on tech entrepreneurs opens an opportunity for growth as a nation with many by-products b…