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First Tesla in Trinidad

So it's a normal Thursday night and I'm in bed with my phone. Boom. I see a post that the first Tesla to reach Trinidad has happened. I go crazy. This is major. So I began trying to get as much info as possible. The vehicle is for show and was brought in by Smart Energy Limited. Kudos to them. Here are some preliminary photos courtesy of them. I hope to get some more in the future. The Tesla is expected to be on display at Movietowne next week Saturday from 10am to 10pm (to be confirmed). Stay tuned to their facebook page to confirm this. This is major and I am super excited. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Update 1 : A question was posed about whether the car can be registered seeing that the engine does not carry a CC measurement. I was told that it can and got some additional information.
They will be bringing in moreIt will have a warranty periodSoon all taxes will be removed, no MVT so CC doesn't applyPlanned : A few garages for maintenancePlanned : …