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Q and A with Level Up Learning Center (Trinidad and Tobago)

What is Level Up Learning Center (Trinidad and Tobago)?

Level Up Learning Center (Trinidad and Tobago) is a franchise of Canada’s largest tech camps provider. We are dedicated to helping kids from as young as six years old learn, discover and problem solve using today’s technology.

How did the idea to bring this to Trinidad come about?

While the franchise holder was on holiday in Canada with his family, he sought extra-curricular activities for his son to do. Someone suggested this camp. The Tech Camp had a profound impact on the franchise owner’s son and piqued his interest on how everyday things worked. His son no longer became a passive user of technology but a curious mind wanting to learn more. Mr. Khan’s was disheartening to part with the exposure he had over that summer and even tried to negotiate to have the family migrate to Canada. Motivated by his son’s positive experience with tech-education, Mr. Khan promised himself to create every opportunity for his son to learn more.


24 Things We Should Avoid – A Trinidad Web Developer Perspective

I chose a variety of 20 websites from Trinidad (no names called) and made notes of some of the problems that I found. The aim is that we learn from this and try to not repeat these and any amount of discussion on this would be welcomed. Feel free to contact me if you want me to review your website and online presence. I encourage you to have an independent and critical somebody review your website and online presence. This was just me and a couple of days to write a blog post. Imagine if you paid to do this periodically and it does not have to stop there. I did not look at stuff like sql injection and other types of testing that would require me to get permission. Additionally, more feedback can be given with access to the backend and understanding your aims and objectives.
Password protect our sandbox. The last thing we want is Google linking to our test website and persons using that.Repetition in the domain name. Why would I create this domain? We already know…