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UIKit and Datepicker in Modal

Came across this interesting situation while working on a PHP web app. Needed a date picker in a modal. The thing is UIKit has a date picker but not in the latest version/beta. Decided to try jquery-ui date picker but two things happened 1) Click next and previous would close the modal and 2) the next and previous arrow graphic would not show but the area can be clicked. This made me look for other date pickers out there. Found this one Ordinarily it looks and works well but not in my situation. Below are the problems I faced and how they were dealt with

1) Date picker shows behind modal

datepickers-container {z-index: 100000 !important;}

Force it to the top by setting a really high z-index. Not sure if this is full proof and so will do more research. This is how z-index works

"If not specified by the z-index property, the stacking level of an element is established according to it’s arrangement in the document tree. Elements that are declared late…

Updates on Digicel Trinidad 4G LTE Network

Update (17 JUL 2018) - Digicel is having their official launch event today. This was their press statement.

A letter to our customers

Dear Customer,

We've teased you with the limitless possibilities that LTE can offer and since then, we know you've been waiting for it. We've come a long way to get to this point. Even though your call quality wasn't great in the process because we've been installing tons of new equipment, you stuck with us while we fine-tuned our network to deliver LTE to you. Thank you - we couldn't have done it without your patience and understanding.

Now, it's on to great news - the wait is over!

We are very pleased to let you know that Trinidad and Tobago's newest LTE network has arrived. Our network is packing superfast speeds up to 10 times faster than 4G and comes to you with approval from none other than Usain Bolt, our Chief Speed Officer and the world's fastest man.

What this really means is that you'll now enjoy glitch…