Updates on Digicel Trinidad 4G LTE Network

"Network readiness to launch LTE" is the correct way to describe what is going on at Digicel since TATT has not announced award of LTE spectrum.

Update (22 MAY 2018) - Excerpts from LoopTT article
Digicel Trinidad and Tobago says that following recent successful efforts to fine tune its network, it is preparing for the introduction of superfast LTE mobile data technology by this summer.
Ahead of launch, Digicel will be helping customers to get ready for LTE with information about handset compatibility and upgrading their existing SIM cards to access the technology. The company says customers can also look forward to great deals on LTE handsets and plans.
Update (22 MAY 2018) - Excerpts from Guardian article
Digicel is introducing superfast LTE mobile data technology across T&T, optimising its cell sites across the country to deliver speeds up to ten times faster than exiting 4G technology, the telecommunications giant announced yesterday.
Our network transformation is now in full swing and we have stepped up the pace to begin deploying LTE within a few months, so that our personal and business customers can connect to the future of advanced mobile data.
Update (5 FEB 2018) - Video message from the Digicel (Trinidad) CEO on the LTE upgrades - facebook.com/DigicelTT/videos/10155529568122029/

Update (2 FEB 2018) - Came across this tweet on Twitter in response to a customer complaint. There were other similar tweets to other customers with complaints on twitter.
Many apologies for any data issues you have experienced. We are always working on ways to improve your experience, and we are currently in advances [sic] stages of being LTE ready and bringing actual next generation data experience to Trinidad and Tobago.
Update (13 DEC 2017) - The following text message has been sent to some customers. Let me know if you have also gotten the following text message. I am guessing that if you request a swap you might be considered. I am guessing a phased approached with "beta testers" and select geographical regions.
11/12 3:41 PM Valued customer, Digicel LTE is coming soon & you have been chosen to receive a free SIM upgrade! Visit your nearest Digicel store for your new SIM and get ready for an amazing LTE experience.
Update (18 NOV 2017) - Came across this email excerpt on a local forum dated 10 Nov 2017. Also there is some possible hinting in this promotional graphic on the Trinidad website.

Dear Valued Customer,

Digicel Business is pleased to advise that we have begun the upgrade of our network to deliver superfast LTE mobile data speeds in several parts of the country.

LTE, also known as Long Term Evolution, is a mobile data standard developed to meet demands on future networks as customers' needs evolve. LTE offers increased capacity with regards to stability, throughput and latency and this will deliver a superior user experience with speeds up to 10 times faster than existing 4G technology. Users will be able to use data, voice and stream video from all coverage areas at any time with no delay.

Over the next five months, we will be working with our technology partner, ZTE, on a robust deployment plan that will see our current sites upgraded to LTE status. Enabling this superior experience, however, will have an unavoidable impact on mobile and ICT services. We understand the importance of our network to your business and as such, we have and will continue to ensure that all upgrade activities are scheduled to minimize any disruptions.

Consistent with our Digicel 2030 vision, we are making a great effort to develop our network to meet your changing needs and we are confident that you will enjoy the benefits that LTE will bring to the areas where you do business. We will provide updates on the progress of our upgrades and we welcome feedback on your experience.


I have not heard of LTE spectrum being licensed so I assuming that they would be doing similar to bmobile where LTE was built on existing spectrum. Unless this was an error, the following post is indicating that they are testing LTE and would be rolling out soon. Share with me any information you may have. Also see my previous blog post - Updates – LTE In Trinidad and Tobago
Monday 9 October 2017 2:30 pm

Digicel advises that due to work associated with delivering an amazing LTE network, customers in some sections of Diamond Vale may experience a loss of voice or data services between the hours of 7 am to 4 pm tomorrow Tuesday 10 October 2017. Digicel apologises for any inconvenience and promises that the newer, faster network experience will be worth the wait.


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