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9 Questions with Tech YouTubers - PIXEL Tobago


What is Pixel Tobago and how did you come up with that name?

It's the newest, hottest, trendiest tech series in Tobago. We came up with the name just by brainstorming a couple tech terms and we settled on the name Pixel. Fun fact - we almost settled on Hi-Res.

Android or iOS?

Android all the way

Recommend three tech YouTubers to follow

MKBHD, Unbox Therapy, Android Authority

Would you pay for Wi-Fi on the fast ferry?

Hell no!!! Probably might not even work.

Shout out to the team behind Pixel Tobago

It's a small team which consists of myself and I. Ricia and the director himself, Carlton. (joking now) Harry, George, John, Gary and Tom. You didn't know was such of a big team? That is confidential information. Next thing Ricia get a phone call and she gone and Associate Producer for a next TV show.

What tech do you use for your YouTube videos?

We using a Panasonic full HD camera and a 13 inch Dell XPS. Simple stuff, other than the little mic we have here, the light…

Q and A with TTLAB's Dr Patrick Hosein

What is TTLAB and why the name TTLAB?

TTLAB is an adhoc group of young researchers who, irrespective of their academic level, are interested in performing research and publishing. It all started with an experiment to see if an undergraduate student (in this case a returning NASA Fellow) with proper supervision, could do sufficiently high quality research for international publication without having taken graduate courses. This was quite successful with the student completing four publications in his first year. Based on this success TTLAB was formed and it now consists of UWI postgraduate students, returning (and local) Scholarship winners (Associate Professionals) and also foreign researchers. Members perform research in their areas of interest under my [Dr. Patrick Hosein] supervision. These areas include Machine Learning, Operations Research, and Wireless Communications with members having first degrees in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Statistics and even Mechanical Eng…