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Q and A with CompTIA Caribbean's Leonard Wadewitz

Does CompTIA have a physical presence in Trinidad or the Caribbean?

CompTIA does not have a physical presence in the region. We have a network of learning partners and I visit the region to support the learning partners and build awareness of CompTIA, the association, and of the value of CompTIA certifications. We can touch many more people through our social media communication and our learning partner network than having a physical presence someplace.

I visit the region frequently when invited and when there are opportunities to increase the awareness of CompTIA. In fact, I already have plans to visit Trinidad in May and Grenada in June, and I know that I will be visiting the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica. I’m writing this message to you from the Dominican Republic and we already discussed my return in the near future.

Are there any stats for the region that you can share?
Someone from every island in the region gets certified every year.CompTIA has local authorized learning partn…

My Takeaways from the TTIGF 2018 Forum

Here are my takeaway notes (sometimes paraphrased) and what I got out of the conversations and speeches from the event which I shared on twitter under the hashtag #TTIGF2018. Contact TTIGF/TTMAG if you would like to get involved in the work they do. The stream was recorded and should be on their YouTube and Facebook. The organisers did a good job including a stream that worked mostly well and they are easy to engage with online. Also share your thoughts with me in the comments below. Persons were urged to complete the survey and feedback form that will be circulated post event.
Welcome and keynoteThe empowering benefits of the internet but there are challenges like the chunk of persons still without internet access.Another key issue is Digital Rights (defined on wiki as "the human rights that allow individuals to access, use, create, and publish digital media or to access and use computers, other electronic devices, or communications networks.")Trinidad and Tobago is very ac…

Q and A with Peter Van der Gracht - Keynote Speaker for upcoming ICT Pro TT Conference

Their website describes the upcoming conference as a regional Technology Conference hosting an array of like-minded ICT and Business Professionals. It is a two day event for knowledge sharing and networking involving presentations and exhibitors. Breakfast and lunch will be served and there is a party at the end of day 2.

There is a call for session speakers on the website - the theme is Ignite Your Digital Transformation. I reached out to Peter (keynote speaker) to share some words by answering some questions. Peter is a successful start-up veteran with many years experience and recipient of numerous awards for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Briefly tell us about yourself and your participation in the ICT Pro TT event?

I have a forty year history as a serial tech entrepreneur with seven startups and five exits.

Can you give a hint at what your keynote will be about?

I will talk about "digital disruption" and how companies can prosper rather than suffer.

What are 5 concrete t…

UIKit Collapsible and Toggle Dropdown Menu On Mobile

I rebuilt my professional website from scratch (no template) using the latest UIKit. It got a performance grade of "A 98" and load time of 1.17 seconds when tested on pingdom tools. One of the things I needed to do was make my navbar menu collapse to a toggle dropdown menu on smaller screens. UIKit defines smaller screens as less than 640 px. Below is how I went about getting this done.

I looked at the documentation and the "open test" examples and copied the toggle drop down code from there. This gave me a dropdown with a margin and drop shadow and white background. I needed to change this. I looked in the UIKit css for all references of "uk-navbar-dropdown" and found "uk-navbar-dropdown-dropbar" that removes the margin and shadow. To get a background that matched my navbar I used uk-background-muted.

For the menu to collapse on mobile I had to create a flat menu and a toggle menu and specify visibility for both. For the flat menu I used class=…

WASA Mobile App Launched

The Water and Sewage Authority has launched their mobile app. Not surprising the UI is old fashioned and stocky. It does offer some key functions like ordering a water truck supply and reporting a leak on the map. Unfortunately it does not allow me to see my bill details but only a balance due and it is only available on Android at the moment. Personally I prefer to pay all my bills through online banking instead of exposing my credit card details on various websites unnecessarily. I feel like in Trinidad you have to incentivise these things to push it forward quicker e.g. a chance to win a smartphone if you perform a transaction through the app and website. Also, is the WASA app dev team speaking to the TTEC app dev team to learn from each other? I have contacted the WASA app admin to get their input.

Link to WASA's app here

Please share your thoughts with me as I am working on a review of this app. See my last app r…