WASA Mobile App Launched

The Water and Sewage Authority has launched their mobile app. Not surprising the UI is old fashioned and stocky. It does offer some key functions like ordering a water truck supply and reporting a leak on the map. Unfortunately it does not allow me to see my bill details but only a balance due and it is only available on Android at the moment. Personally I prefer to pay all my bills through online banking instead of exposing my credit card details on various websites unnecessarily. I feel like in Trinidad you have to incentivise these things to push it forward quicker e.g. a chance to win a smartphone if you perform a transaction through the app and website. Also, is the WASA app dev team speaking to the TTEC app dev team to learn from each other? I have contacted the WASA app admin to get their input.

Link to WASA's app here play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.utility.app&hl=en

Please share your thoughts with me as I am working on a review of this app. See my last app review here - Magna Rewards App Review and checkout this report in the Newsday - WASA launches app…easier to pay bills.