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Q and A with ICT Association of Saint Lucia

When was the ICT Association of St. Lucia formed and what prompted this?

The ICT Association of Saint Lucia (SLICTA) was incorporated on 01-Nov-2011 as a not for profit.

The formation of SLICTA was facilitated and fostered by its parent association, the St Lucia Coalition of Services Industries, which was itself launched in January 2009, and tasked with facilitating the growth and development of the St Lucia Services Sector through the adoption of high service standards, fostering activism and education on trade services issues.

What are the aims and objectives?

SLICTA is charged with the responsibility to mobilize professionals within the ICT sector and to lead the development of this sector.

What are the activities of the association?

The events calendar for SLICTA includes various activities, such as the staging of workshops and conferences. A key item recurring on our agenda is the Digital Marketing Symposium, held in November. On March 06th 2018, we hosted a free event in collabora…

UWI partnership with Global Institute of Software Technology in Suzhou

The UWI Regional Headquarters, Jamaica. 05 February 2018 — Twenty-five students from the BSc Software Engineering at The University of the West Indies (The UWI) Mona campus, along with their parents, met with Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Hilary Beckles and Jamaica’s Minister of Education, Senator the Hon Ruel Reid on February 2, 2018. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the terms and conditions of their departure for Suzhou, China later this year as part of the programme.

Since 2015, Vice-Chancellor Beckles has been pioneering a strategy to establish a UWI Centre in China that will produce a generation of software engineers for Jamaica and the Caribbean, in order to lay the foundation for the much needed digital revolution in the region. Speaking at the meeting, Vice-Chancellor Beckles noted that the Global Institute of Software Technology in Suzhou, The UWI’s strategic partner, will receive the students for their completion of the third and fourth year of the joint BSc program…

GTT Launches Innov 8 Technology Summit and Dedicates $18 M to STEM Development in Guyana

GTT's INNOV8 promises hands on robotics, online gaming, a gaming tournament, animation, smart gadgets, a smart home and more…

Georgetown, Guyana, March 5, 2018: The promotion and development of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in Guyana has been given a big boost by GTT's commitment to give G$18M to the Innov8 Initiative Fund. This announcement was made at the Innov8 Summit launch, GTT's technology Expo which will be hosted at the Marriott on March 24-27, the first and largest event of its kind in Guyana. GTT's CEO, Justin Nedd, said that GY $8M of the Innov8 Initiative Fund will be dedicated to STEM Guyana, in order to boost its continued work of training youth in coding and robotics.

Under the initiative, several schools across Guyana will all benefit from free internet service provided by GTT. The first three schools are Lusignan, Sophia and Paradise Primaries.

The Summit will have two events; the first titled Innov8 Expo, will be held on Marc…

My Experience Backing Up My Images

Started here - Wordpress > Support - Backups (this is the 3rd to last heading). This is really intended for technical persons because I don't imagine the average person being inclined to do this. The Tech Remix is hosted on for a couple of reasons including support, themes, stability, security and other things usually associated with SASS. In this instance I wanted my focus to be on blogging and not maintaining the blog backend and infrastructure. Not sure why there is no option to include the images in the export option. I will ask them and update this blog post with their response. (Update : There is the option of real-time backups using Vaultpress if you have the Business Plan - Setting up your Premium Services). I was manually maintaining an image folder backup but now I am switching to this option.

You have to install Wordpress locally and then import your export from The import process downloads the images to your local install. I chose this -…

Grenada Receives Equipment for Transition to Computer-assisted Data Collection

Friday, March 9, 2018 — As part of the OECS Commission's ongoing support to Member States to transition from paper to the computer-assisted mode of data collection, two desktop and three laptop computers were recently donated to Grenada’s Central Statistics Office.

Mr. Halim Brizan, Director of the Central Statistics Office in Grenada, expressed gratitude to the OECS Commission and the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) for the supply of computers to facilitate the new method of data collection.
This new approach in administering and processing Grenada’s household surveys has greatly impacted our effort to build sustainable capacity in statistics - Mr. Brizan addedThe OECS Commission is assisting National Statistical Offices (NSOs) to improve their statistical business process, an aspect of which includes reducing the cost and time taken for data collection and data processing.

The transition to the computer-assisted personal interview (CAPI) method to conduct household surveys is on…

Interview with Herbert Lewy - General Manager, Microsoft Caribbean

Tell us about some of the main focus areas for Microsoft in Trinidad and the Caribbean?

Expand on the following key areas - Creating more personal computing, reinventing productivity and business processes and building the intelligent cloud platform.

Microsoft is very excited about extending our impact in Trinidad and Tobago, and the wider Caribbean. There is certainly significant room for opportunity in this marketplace, and our solutions can be key to driving innovation that will be central to the region’s development, and especially to help solve some of the region’s challenges.

Microsoft’s intelligent cloud platform, Azure, is central to enhancing efficiency, reinventing productivity and business processes, and empowering users to tap into their latent capabilities. We are in the process of expanding our datacentres, which brings Azure to 42 regions globally with 69 compliance offerings, the most comprehensive compliance coverage in the industry. This means that customers across t…