My Experience Backing Up My Images

Started here - Wordpress > Support - Backups (this is the 3rd to last heading). This is really intended for technical persons because I don't imagine the average person being inclined to do this. The Tech Remix is hosted on for a couple of reasons including support, themes, stability, security and other things usually associated with SASS. In this instance I wanted my focus to be on blogging and not maintaining the blog backend and infrastructure. Not sure why there is no option to include the images in the export option. I will ask them and update this blog post with their response. (Update : There is the option of real-time backups using Vaultpress if you have the Business Plan - Setting up your Premium Services). I was manually maintaining an image folder backup but now I am switching to this option.

You have to install Wordpress locally and then import your export from The import process downloads the images to your local install. I chose this - Bitnami Wordpress Stack One-click Install. Used all the defaults expect the use bitnami in the cloud option.  Once installed and bitnami is launched select 'Go to Application'. This took me to http://localhost:81/. From here click on 'Access Wordpress' which takes me to http://localhost:81/wordpress/. Change this to http://localhost:81/wordpress/wp-admin and go to that URL. Enter the login details you specified during bitnami install. Import is located under Tools after you log in. For import you have to select 'Download and import file attachments'.

Having a local copy and being able to move from one platform to another is a useful thing to understand and this serves as a dry run if the need ever arises. Took me 10 mins to complete the import over a 40 Mbps internet connection. Images downloaded totaled 48 MB. The resulting folder had the images in folders by year and month. Wordpress stores resized versions of the images so I was seeing 4 different sizes. The resized images end with the size at the end of the name e.g. image-300x169.jpg. The images were found in C:\Bitnami\wordpress-4.9.4-6\apps\wordpress\htdocs\wp-content\uploads\. Related to importing your blog is the type of formatting used inside your blog post. Some types of post formatting will not translate if it is not supported on the platform (and version) you are moving to. Maybe stay away from formatting that ties you to one platform.

Got these type of failed messages - Failed to import “Hassan Voyeau - 2016-08-27 16:44:49”: Invalid post type feedback. Before this I did not think that info submitted through my contact form was being stored on I got the email notification but that did not have a link back to like comments do. Now that I had the idea that it was being saved because it was being included in the export file I set out to look for it. Found it in the old WP-Admin under Feedback > Feedback. WP-Admin being the traditional looking backend UI over the more modern looking and simplified default backend UI. This link shows how to fix this import issue - When importing - failed to import: Invalid post type feedback. Side note - to use ngrok to access the local bitnami wordpress I had to modify the wp-config.php and hard code the ngrok URL there. I could not change it from the browser or on the database end.

Please let me know if you need help with what I shared in this blog post and I might even do a video tutorial for this. Video tutorials is something I will be experimenting with in the next 3 months.