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Q and A with CANTO

Tell us briefly about what CANTO does?

CANTO is a non-profit association made up of operators, organizations, companies and individuals in the ICT (telecommunications) sector. The association has a Caribbean focus as it relates to ICT issues for the region with a global perspective. The policy strategy of the association is directed by a board of directors appointed by the membership. This strategy is executed by the staff of a permanent secretariat located in Trinidad and Tobago. The association’s activities are financed through the contributions of the members as well as other revenue generating projects.

Is CANTO involved in the forming of the CARICOM Single ICT Space?

CANTO supports CARICOM by providing a space on our platform and assisting in the general public awareness by promoting the initiatives to our membership and other stakeholders.

List 5 major achievement over the last 3 years for CANTO?
Successfully lobbied through the CANTO chair for future mobile services in the UHF Ban…

Person Profile - Ajmal Nazir, Technologist

Ajmal is speaking at the upcoming ICT Pro TT conference. His session is entitled "What is blockchain and decentralisation, and what does it mean for everyone". Blockchain and related Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are hot topics these days and I am guessing his session will get a lot of interest. I listened to him at the recent TTIGF forum and I feel like he is well positioned to speak on this.

His speaker profile highlights his formal education and various work he has done in the local (Trinidad) tech space. What caught my attention was his work with TATT and TTNIC. TATT is lacking in many areas especially from where I sit as a local tech blogger and they need to better respond to feedback and better manage their communications channels. TTNIC charges too much for .tt domain names and purchasing and managing a .tt domain name is too much of a hassle and not competitive. These things are hampering uptake and means we are not fully utilising our ccTLD and being denied the benefi…

Q and A with UWI Computing Society

Tell about UWICS?

UWICS is a club centered around technology, we are fascinated by its uses to do productive and entertaining things such as using drones for photography, automation systems and even video games. We encourage our members to take steps toward using fascinating technology in their everyday life or even contribute to creating new exciting tech.

What are some of the activities of UWICS?

Activities include sessions where members share their experiences using different technologies throughout their projects such as using the Unity game engine, web design and basic programming skills. There are other events such as our annual Runtime Programming Competition and Project Month which involves groups of our members attempting to incubate some form of software or hardware.

Are there enough (local) internship opportunities for Computer Science students? Is this something that the group would be tackling?

We don't directly tackle internships but our activities provide people with …

Q and A with Cloud Carib

Briefly tell us about Cloud Carib and what sets you apart?

Cloud Carib is a trusted cloud provider in the Caribbean and Latin America. Headquartered in The Bahamas, we are focused on delivering secure and hybrid infrastructure solutions and managed services to the region through locally operated data centers in the Bahamas, Jamaica, Barbados, Panama and Ecuador. Our services and solutions are built with privacy, data sovereignty and performance in mind, ensuring business-critical applications are always secure and available. Our focus on delivering secure cloud solutions combined with our team of technical experts enables regional organizations to confidently leverage cloud technology, improve the performance of their ICT environment, and focus on providing value to their end-customers instead of worrying about maintaining infrastructure.

Cloud Carib is focused on building a team of experts from the region and around the world, and bringing them together to solve problems and deliver …