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On Learning Programming

A university graduate asked me the following question, so I thought I would publish what comes to my mind here for the benefit of others.
What are some good tips on learning a programming language on your own?Programming is the skill, language is the tool. Tools are chosen based on parameters (cost, man power, features, scaling, etc.). Bottom line, learn to code firstly. Pay attention to core concepts that you can take to any programming language. Learn to learn. Then learn about the languages that you need to use.Understand your learning strengths and weaknesses. Poor memory, can't concentrate for long hours, work better in the night, music on in the background, things that apply to your learning in general.Pay attention to official language documentation and examples.Choose a good IDE (or text editor) (syntax highlighting, debugging, extensions, etc.)Google is your friend. In addition to looking to Google for help, also give back. Write a blog post about something you figured o…

Ask A Techie 20 Questions – Keenan Chatar – Student Engineer

How would you define a techie?

Someone who is adept with electronic devices and up to date with the current sphere of technology. Someone who knows more than just how to use technology, but understand show it works, even capable of repairing it.

Tell us about yourself (short bio)?

I am a student of the University of the West Indies and currently reading for my Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I am also conducting research and development in association with UWI for a software project to assist the development of the Trinidad Cocoa Industry.

Tell us about your project to fund your NASA internship?

To fund this internship, I have reached out to various organizations seeking corporate sponsorship. I will also be putting as much of my own personal funds as I can muster to participate in the internship. And finally, I have started a GoFundMe page: which receives generous donations from friends and family.

Why is the word Aeronautics in the NASA name?

Aeronautics is th…