Ask A Techie 20 Questions – Keenan Chatar – Student Engineer

How would you define a techie?

Someone who is adept with electronic devices and up to date with the current sphere of technology. Someone who knows more than just how to use technology, but understand show it works, even capable of repairing it.

Tell us about yourself (short bio)?

I am a student of the University of the West Indies and currently reading for my Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I am also conducting research and development in association with UWI for a software project to assist the development of the Trinidad Cocoa Industry.

Tell us about your project to fund your NASA internship?

To fund this internship, I have reached out to various organizations seeking corporate sponsorship. I will also be putting as much of my own personal funds as I can muster to participate in the internship. And finally, I have started a GoFundMe page: which receives generous donations from friends and family.

Why is the word Aeronautics in the NASA name?

Aeronautics is the study of air-navigation which is truly essential to an organization that deals with rocket flight. Space exploration and aeronautical vehicles (e.g. rockets, drones and aircrafts) are in my mind the staple of what NASA stands for.

Is this too general?

I think it is apt as Aeronautics is fundamental to what NASA does, even if it may be slightly generalized. Though it is understandable why it may be considered an "umbrella" term. However, it is still a core dependency of the organization, thus it is suitable.

Would you change the NASA acronym to something else?

Changing the acronym would be an unfavourable idea even if a more appropriate name is available as the acronym "NASA" is almost synonymous with space exploration and aeronautical vehicles. But if I had to change it to something more accurate then maybe National Aeronautics and Space Research Administration (NASRA)? The organization is heavily involved in research in a variety of fields thus it may be suitable to include it in the name.

How can Trinidad contribute to space exploration?

Trinidad can contribute to space exploration by producing competent and capable engineers willing to push the boundaries of human curiosity. These engineers could pioneer groups which would be focused on space related research to expand the existing body of knowledge in Trinidad. The place to begin is in research, maybe in association with existing space agencies?

What technical websites do you follow?

I follow National Geographic avidly. I have always been interested in Nat Geo ever since I was a child and my passion carried through age. I also follow Business Insider and Tech Radar to keep up-to-date with the tech-world. Does Reddit count?

How do you imagine the world would be in 50 years?

Hopefully not run by AI. If it isn’t, I’d HOPE it’ll be one of the most beautiful times for humanity. Illnesses being cured within days, no need for war as harnessing energy or creating materials needed should be child’s play. We may have even colonised the solar system by then. The future is bright.

If you were an astronaut what song would you listen to as you left Earth's atmosphere?

Elton John – Rocket Man

What is "On-Demand Manufacturing in Space"?

The project I will be working on at NASA is titled "On-Demand Manufacturing in Space". Sending supplies and spare parts to ISS involves huge logistics and delays in mission completion. There have been recent efforts to mitigate this issue with on-demand manufacturing in space. NASA has been developing printing electronics capabilities that includes printing sensors, supercapacitors, memory devices and others. The project involves material/printing ink preparation, printing devices, testing devices and comparing with the state-of-the-art.

What technology stack would you use to develop a system that keeps track of starting, ending, cost, etc. for passengers in a maxi taxi?

LAMP Stack. User front-end in PHP/CSS, maybe display a map of their start/end route on a dashboard. Start location, end location and overall cost stored in SQL database.

The best advice you have received?

Do; or Do Not; there is no try. – Yoda

Your thoughts on "extant conditions" (taken from here)

In the context of its use, I’d say these old but existing conditions are simply another challenge to be faced by the young engineers. Unfortunate yes, but it is the nature of engineers to work around a problem to the solution.

Tell us a Computer Engineering joke?

Three engineers are riding in a car. One is a mechanical engineer, one is an electrical engineer, and one is a computer engineer. The car breaks down and coasts to the side of the road.

"Hang on" says the mechanical engineer. "The problem is probably the engine, let me have a look at it and I'll have us on the road again in no time."

"Wait," says the electrical engineer. "The way it just stopped like that, I think it's the electrical system. Let me have a look and I'll get us going again in a minute or two."

"Hold on," says the computer engineer. "Why don't we all just get out of the car and get in again, and then see if it starts?"

What is the most difficult part of Computer Engineering for you?

Managing my time wisely. Especially during a degree in which you have many things to juggle. The workload was unexpectedly daunting; however, it was enlightening as to just how much I can push myself and break through walls.

Forest is to tree as tree is to?


What do you do for fun?

I enjoy outdoor activities such as running, swimming and surfing. I always try every sport I can get my hands on as I only have my youth for so long. I also enjoy chess, reading and playing games on console or PC. Fortnite is currently my game of choice.

Android or iOS?

Android. Simply better. Not the best for money-making, but better for developers and the future of technology, Open-Source.

What question would you ask the next techie?

What’s the most frustrating thing you’ve ever had to deal with?