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Q and A with Lydia Singh from the Energy Chamber's Clean Energy Conference

What is clean energy and how is it relevant to Trinidad?

Clean energy can be referred to as energy or electricity which is produced without directly polluting the atmosphere. For example, energy produced from the sun like solar or wind, hydro, geothermal, etc.

What were the outcomes and action items from the conference?

The conference this year in my opinion, definitely brought a greater level of positivity and momentum. Things are definitely stirring up. It helped to empower others with the necessary information and in creating good networking opportunities. There was a greater sense of urgency with actual examples of efforts being made both in the private and public sectors to allow the implementation of clean energy in Trinidad and Tobago, the region or internationally. Key action items that stick out are continued work on getting policies amended/approved from the various government entities and efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions etc. on a national level.

What are 5 concret…