10 Questions with Geshan Manandhar - Software Engineer

Your twitter bio says "agile follower"; Tell us more about this.

I admire agile software development. I have worked in an Agilish way in the past 6-7 years of my career and I believe it is an excellent paradigm for tech people like us to work. I believe in having small iterations and delivering working code than heaps of documentation so "agile follower".

What are some things that separate senior developers from junior developers?

The three things that separate senior software developers from junior are assuming responsibility, quality of work and communication/empathy. The tech skills need to be better as well but the soft skills at times separate juniors and seniors.

What are your thoughts on open source software?

Open source software has now become the lifeblood of most software development. Big companies, small companies all use open source and it benefits everyone. One thing that can improve in the open source software space is having more producers of open source software than just a lot of consumers.

What is the difference between a software engineer and software developer?

It could be deemed just a play of word. From a company, perspective, always use one and have your own definition for it. In my opinion, software engineer knows and engineers the development process from start to finish. The software engineer has excellent communication skills and knows things from getting more requirements to deploy bug-free software to production. On the other hand, developers take the task assigned to them and develop it. As I said it is my point of view.

Your thoughts on working remotely?

Working remote should be allowed for a profession like software engineering. It entirely depends on company policy, still I think remote working should be encouraged. From an employee's point of view, it requires a lot of discipline. It is not easy as it looks from the outside. It should always be a balanced approach from both the employer and the employee in terms of remote working. The measure of success should be productivity not how and where and how many hours are spent.

Give some advice to job seekers.

New or experienced for all job seekers the magic word is "network". And the best form of networking is in person. Then other two things build your profile and shortlist companies/positions you want to be working for. Then backtrack to get there. (See 5 Practical Steps to Land Your First Tech Job)

What dev tools do you use?

These are some of the dev tools I use:

* PHP Storm
* VS Code
* Tmux
* MYSQL workbench

There are many others but these are the primary ones for now.

Tell about what you are doing for #Hacktoberfest?

For #Hacktoberfest, I have not contributed to sizeable open source repositories. I have added some PRs to my own repos and some other repos I used to maintain. I have opened PRs to my own blog repo if that counts :).

Any fun side project (doesn't have to be tech) that you are working on?

I am working with some to be tech graduates with a simple aim "The day you finish your course (masters) you should have at least one job offer waiting for you". To achieve that we are building a project and implementing it too. In the process, the guys are learning the ins and outs of the software engineer process. I would really suggest experienced software engineering professionals to coach/mentor and guide new software engineers.

Anything else you would like to add?

I wish you and The Tech Remix all the best. I would like to thank you for this opportunity. To all software engineers, always remember technical issues can be solved anyhow it's mostly communication and people problems that are the most difficult to solve. Software systems are easy, it is black and white, it either works or not. People are difficult they have multiple shades of grey.