Monday, 10 December 2018

First Impressions - Omars DOGO - Smart Wireless Speaker


This is at the price of an everage bluetooth speaker but with Alexa functionality and WIFI functionality. Nice form factor and good placement of buttons. The use of fabric gives it fashion appeal but I feel like it would not survive being knocked around. I had problems with the setup because I employ MAC address filtering with no SSID broadcast, which I had to temporarily disable. The help menu item leads to an incorrect website. I was hoping for a guide, FAQ and video tutorial. I can get by but I have to think about the average user.

Alexa is very useful and especially useful to me as a developer who wants to tinker. However, not all Alexa functionality is enabled for this device. For example, Alexa on this device is not "always on". I have to press the Alexa button, to start engaging with Alexa. Coming from ordinary and built-in laptop speakers, I can appreciate the base and fuller sound coming from this speaker. Here is a recorded sample to give an idea. ♪ Music playing ♪

Overall, I am happy for what I got for the price. I love the portability and the sound quality. One thing I miss, is it being waterproof and I would pay more for that. Look out for my full review in the coming days. I have some questions that I would be forwarding to the manufacturers. If you want to add questions to my questions then leave them below. For example, I don't know why language is limited to English and German only.

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