13 Interesting DSLR Features (Ref - Nikon D5000)


13 things I learned about my Nikon D5000. Pause video as needed. Many of these or similar can apply to other DSLR cameras.

  • Help button - Brings up helpful info on any item that you are currently on, in the settings
  • Quiet shutter-release - Keep holding shutter button after photo is taken to delay mirror moving back click noise
  • ADL - Tech designed to optimize high contrast images to restore shadow and highlight details
  • Different RAW modes - You can save RAW and JPEG at the same time and adjust the quality of the JPEG
  • NEF raw processing - In camera conversion of RAW to JPEG
  • Set picture control - Customise in camera post processing presets
  • Fn button - Assign custom actions to this button
  • High ISO NR - Control how much noise reduction happens when ISO is set to higher values
  • Image dust off ref photo - Blank photo taken so that post processing software has an idea where dust might be if there is any and adjust for this if you desire.
  • Image comment / attach comment - Add comments to your photos which are stored in EXIF data
  • Active Folder - Create or select folder for the next set of photos you are about to take. Very useful feature.
  • Info wrap around - Allows you to move the focus point from one end to the other end without having to change direction
  • AE/AF lock - Quick button for locking exposure and focus.