FTPS, Windows 10 Home, IIS and WinSCP


My Experience with FTPS, IIS on Windows 10 Home and WinSCP client

  1. Pause video at any time
  2. FTPS is different from SFTP
  3. The Windows ftp.exe command does not support SSL
  4. IIS does not support SFTP but does support FTPS
  5. Create a local account in Windows for connecting with FTP
  6. Give permission to the ftp folder for this account
  7. Make sure to use full username ... that is including the hostname
  8. The powershell command WHOAMI gives you the full username
  9. The powershell command HOSTNAME gives you the computer name part of the username
  10. Turn on the FTP Server in Windows 10
  11. This is the powershell command I used to create the SSL certificate
  12. Or you could use the GUI from Control Panel
  13. In IIS Manager make sure and specify cert at the server level first
  14. Add the SSL certificate to the FTP Server
  15. Add the FTP Site in IIS Manager
  16. Connect to FTP Server using WinSCP

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