Some useful chrome:// URLs


Some useful chrome:// URLs. This is an internal URI scheme for internal state and built-in functions. The standard is the about: URI scheme. Useful because you can bookmark or link to these URLs.

chrome://about/ lists all available chrome URLs
chrome://dino/ brings you to the "no internet" page where you can play this game
chrome://network-errors/ lists all network errors and codes
chrome://flags allows you to turn on and off experimental features
chrome://version/ gives you detailed version information
chrome://apps/ lists your installed apps where you can open them
chrome://site-engagement/ ranks the sites you visit by engagement score
chrome://system/ shows system diagnostic data
chrome://user-actions/ list the interactions with the browser

Side note, Chrome uses the Blink browser engine, WebKit on iOS and the V8 JavaScript engine

Bonus slide, this url gives you a notepad inside the browser

Bonus slide, Ctrl+Shift+T opens the last closed tabs, one at a time