Q and A with Future Guyana

What is Future Guyana?

Future Guyana is a community initiative designed to foster the development of tech entrepreneurs, create job opportunities for individuals within the tech field and move Guyana in an overall digital direction.

Why the name Future Guyana?

We chose this name as it represents our youths who are our future and will continue to build out sustainable solutions for the country of Guyana.

What definition of innovation do you use?

Our definition of Innovation is to create new and scalable solutions to solve inefficiency within our country that will go on to provide opportunities for individuals within its ecosystem.

Why is there a need to focus on tech entrepreneurs?

With technology moving at a rapid pace, it is crucial that our nation focuses on incorporating technological solutions in its every day processes. Our tech entrepreneurs bring these ideas and innovative solutions. Focusing on tech entrepreneurs opens an opportunity for growth as a nation with many by-products being; lower unemployment rate, digital governance, access to advance education, and more.

In what ways can tech be used to improve Guyana?

This list is endless. From creating more efficient government processes to developing platforms to tackle mental health, technology can play an integral role in almost all of Guyana’s thriving sectors. Not to mention, its application in the agriculture, oil and gas sectors.

How would you describe the tech space in Guyana?

The tech space is Guyana is growing at a tremendous rate. Within the past 3 months we have seen new developments such as the launch of Facebook Developers Circle and Girls in Tech, both international organisations representing the adoption of a technologically driven society.

Tell us about the Blockchain workshop?

The Blockchain workshop is currently in developmental stages but essentially the aim is to provide sessions where developers can learn how to build out functioning blockchain systems.

Tell us about the Exchange program?

The exchange program connects knowledgeable developers to local, regional and international tech companies to give them the much needed exposure and work opportunity. This program also acts as the second leg from the Blockchain workshop. After going through the Blockchain workshop, developers will have the opportunity to work hands on with a few leading blockchain companies around the world.

Anything else you would like to add?

We have a ton of developments in the works and I would like to encourage everyone to stay up to date on our social media @FutureGuyana.