Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Q and A with Next Gen Creators of Jamaica

Next Gen Creators recently hosted the the Coders of the Caribbean Hackathon. I was reminded of this beforehand through a media invite for the opening ceremony through the Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology. I then took the opportunity to invite them to participate in a Q and A for this blog, similar to ones I have done before. From the coverage I saw through facebook photos I would say this years event was a success and the website has already been updated with a "2020 Waitlist" button. Below are some of the questions I asked.

Who are Next Gen Creators?

Next Gen Creators is a mission driven organization focused on promoting technology and entrepreneurship in the Caribbean.

What is the idea behind the name "Next Gen Creators"?

The name Next Gen Creators just echoes our role in helping youth shape their big ideas for the next generation.

Tell us about the "Coders of the Caribbean" hackathon?

Coders of the Caribbean was launched in 2015 to provide a platform for Jamaican youth to collaborate, innovate and learn in a practical way. The 42 hour hackathon brings together over 150 youth from across the country.

Any plans to host the hackathon outside of Jamaica?

Yes, it is our hope to scale COC beyond Jamaica and bring the beauty of creating to our neighboring Caribbean islands.

What are some common coding mistakes you see from running these hackathons and this group?

People only look at technology as an industry vs as a problem solving tool.

Describe the state of coding in the Caribbean?

The Caribbbean has made tremendous progress in building its capacity to support the future generation of programmers and tech talents. We still have a long way to go but we've seen the private and public sector really take the steps to echo their support for programs like Coders of the Caribbean.

Thoughts on having a Caribbean coding survey?

Would be a great way to evaluate the skills and talents we have here in the region.

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